Questions & Answers

Q Can we store our caravan with you?
A No, we do not store caravans.
Q Do you allow paints or petrol to be stored?
A No, you cannot store paints, petrol, diesel, calor gas, oils, parafin, white spirits or any other accelerant or explosive. This is obviously to minimise the risk of fire.
Q Can we visit anytime?
A Yes, but we operate on a by appointment only basis. We offer a 7 Day Access service, but request that you contact us at least 3 hours in advance to let us know. This is both for management and security reasons. Visiting hours are between 8:00am and 8:00pm. We do not limit the number of times you can visit either, but would request that ideally visits are no more than on a weekly basis. Boxstore is a family run business and we will always try to accommodate your needs. We are flexible and if you need access outside of these times, please contact us.
Q Is insurance available?
A Boxstore does not provide insurance for your items. It is often possible to arrange an extension to your own insurance policy to cover items in storage. Contact you insurance company or advisor for more information. Alternatively insurance is available through Insurastore.
Q Can You Store Boats, Trailers and Palletised Items?
A We can arrange seasonal storage of these items.
Q Do you collect or deliver items?
A No, we do not collect as this is a self storage business. However, we do have good contacts with reliable removal businesses that we would be happy to recommend, please feel free to contact us for more information. You could also hire a self-drive vehicle.
Q How much can we store in one box?
A Each box is 7' deep, 5' wide and 7'4" High (2120mm x 1510mm x 2250mm). They are tall enough and wide enough to stand an average double bed upright with the mattress over the top, leaving space for many other items of furniture and possessions. One container is 8 cubic meters and will accommodate the equivalent of a large van. For office storage, each container can store up to 112 standard office archive boxes.
Q Is the storage facility dry?
A Yes, completely dry.
Q Is there a minimum contract period?
A Our service is provided on a monthly basis. You can store your items for just one month and pay for only one month. For long term storage we request payment for one month in advance and then set-up a standing order for subsequent monthly payments. You only pay for the time your items are in storage. (Applies to storage times of one month or more)
Q Is your storage facility secure?
A Our storage facility is protected by motion detectors connected to the phone system. Our storage facility is also protected by smoke alarms which operate in the same way. Visits are by appointment only, and there will aways be a member of staff nearby. Again, this is both for help if required and for security. See : Can we visit anytime? The Boxstore premises are not visible from any main roads offering security by obscurity.
Q Is your storage facility free from vermin?
A Yes, we have a contract with an external pest control company to ensure that it stays that way.
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  • Discreet storage
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